Six Important Fashion Tips to Carry Yourself When Stepping Out during Rainy Season

During this heavy rainy season, you are not going to feel that your stylish wardrobe is ruined, if you follow these simple useful tips. Also while getting ready for office or any friend’s party, you can set your own style statement with the following tips for formal dressing as well as funky-sturdy accessories.

  • Shirts or Tops: While choosing a top for office, cotton shirts look best for formal get-up. Avoid wearing synthetic shirts as they stick to the physique when they get wet. The embossed shirt fabric, peasant sleeves, big collars, psychedelic, floral and random geometric prints are very much in vogue and will go best for the rainy season. If you wear vibrant and happy colours, they will make the gloomy weather fun and bright.

  • Bags: In the days of rain, you should carry waterproof bags or stylish handbags in vibrant and deep shades of orange, monochromes. You can also check out retro style fancy handbags with colour bocks, digital or star prints to look cool and trendy and at the same time prevent your important stuffs from getting wet.

  • Watches: Waterproof watches should be worn in rainy season whether for office or any other place. Metal and leather wrist watches fade with contact of water and become dull. Also for the dial and machine, it is better if you choose to wear a water-resistant wrist watch.

  • Bottoms: For girls, A-line skirts make the best outfit for office dressing. However, if you prefer trousers, go for cigarette trousers. For office-wear, always go for fitted clothes rather than wearing long and loose trousers. In rainy season, peach coloured pants or skirts look good. You can also try beige or ivory colours as they are in.

  • Shoes: During rain, don’t opt for fancy shoes. Try to wear closed sandals or shoes so that your feet remain clean despite heavy rain and muddy water on the road. For a sober outfit, you can also choose neutral colours or otherwise vibrant funky colours. You can also wear pumps or gumboots up to knee in quirky colour shades like yellow, turquoise or fuchsia pink. For casual day to day work, you should wear peep-toes or flip-flops.

  • Make-Up, Hair-Do and Other Accessories: With rain-rain all around, it doesn’t mean you should not do make-up or wear accessories. When you need to go out, tie up the hair and make a knot along with waterproof rings and bracelets made up of acrylic.

All the above mentioned tips will help you in getting ready before stepping outside in monsoon. You need not to worry about the wet weather at all now. Step out in rain with this new set of accessories wearing a smile always. You just need to avoid silk and crepe type materials. Despite heavy rainfall, you will be stylish and smart in your fitted clothes whether it is western formal or Indian Churidar-kurta set.

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